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Are you looking for a skilled and dedicated advisor to manage your commodity portfolio?

Look no further. As a highly experienced commodity trader, I bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and a proven history of trading results. 
  • I have spent 25 years honing my trading skills.
  • I stay up to date with the latest market trends, investment strategies, and financial analysis techniques.
  • My deep understanding of various asset classes and risk management allows me to make informed trading decisions to maximize your portfolio’s growth potential.
Diligent Research:
  • I am committed to conducting thorough research and analysis before making any investment decisions.
  • I carefully evaluate market conditions, assess individual markets, and utilize robust financial models to identify opportunities and mitigate risks.
  • Rest assured, your portfolio will benefit from a meticulous and data-driven approach.
Active Monitoring and Adjustments:
  • I understand that the financial markets are dynamic and ever-changing.
  • As your Commodity Trading Advisor, I will actively monitor your investments, regularly review performance, and adjust as needed.
  • By staying proactive, I can seize opportunities and respond swiftly to market fluctuations to optimize your portfolio’s performance.
Transparent Communication:
  • Building trust and maintaining open communication with my clients is paramount.
  • I will provide you with regular updates, performance reports, and clear explanations of my investment decisions.
  • You can count on me to be accessible, responsive, and accountable to your portfolio’s management.
In summary, by entrusting me with your portfolio, you will gain access to a seasoned professional who combines expertise, diligent research, active monitoring, and transparent communication. Together, we can navigate the complexities of the financial markets and work towards achieving your financial goals.
commodity tradING advisor

Stephen Coleman is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor.

 A Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) is an individual or organization that, for compensation or profit, recommends to others, directly or indirectly, as to the value of or the advisability of buying or selling futures contracts, options on futures, retail off-exchange forex contracts or swaps.

Mr. Coleman and the firm are both registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and are members of the National Futures Association.
Stipelis Global Trading LLC became registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in 2017, and a member of the National Futures Association in 2018.  Stephen Coleman, was registered as an Associated Person and was Approved as Principal of Stipelis Global Trading LLC with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in 2017.
The registration aspect is important to Mr. Coleman. Very simply, it’s for investor protection. Registration helps protect investors by ensuring that Commodity Trading Advisors meet certain standards of professional conduct, ethics, and competency. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission imposes rules and regulations that advisors must adhere to, including fiduciary responsibilities to act in the best interests of their clients.

 Registration provides a layer of oversight and accountability, reducing the risk of fraud or misconduct.
Lastly, the company name is pronounced stuh-PELL-us. 

There are 3 ways to invest in commodities: 

  1. A direct independent investment into 1 particular commodity. 
  1. An advisor can manage a personalized portfolio for the investor. This is where the advisor buys and sells commodities with discretion in the clients personal account. The assets stay in the name of the client.  
  2. An investment into a pool with other investors that is being managed by a commodity trader.
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